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Shree Maruti Shipping Service


In the area of port related activities AMC GROUP carries out of activities One of these is stevedoring. Using various types of equipment, we assist in the unloading of bulk goods. Inland barges with cargoes varying from artificial fertilizer to basalt blocks we Container Ship Docked at Harborunload using hydraulic cranes with a height-adjustable cabin. Pertain ships’ holds need to be trimmed. Shree Maruti Shinning meets this need by means of bobcats and mechanical shovels. In case of ocean-going vessels, the bulk of the bulk is unloaded using suction pipes or gantries. As the bottom is neared, our experienced shovel operators are ready to finish the job. Some older types of ships’ holder require a mini crane to completely empty them. And here, also, Shree Maruti Shipping has the necessary know-how and equipment to do the job.


AMC Group service package also includes the loading and unloading of packaged goods and sea containers. An extending crane, or, if necessary, a combination of extending cranes, will place the goods on the shore. If required, we can also look after your further transport needs to the hinterland.